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Renovation existing home

The large-scale renovation of a home in Best was completed at the end of 2017. The house built in the 1950s was on the nomination to be demolished, but the spacious garden and the characteristic garden shed have convinced one of our clients to remodel the existing house in a big way. The closed facade provides a lot of privacy, while the fully transparent facade at the rear ensures a direct connection between the house and the garden.

Renovation existing home Best

The large-scale renovation of an existing home in Best has come about by chance. The original, very outdated house, built in the 1950s, was called for demolition by years of vacancy. Until one of our clients decided to purchase the house and renovate it completely. The particularly large garden and the existing characteristic garden shed were important reasons for purchasing the property + house. One of the issues that certainly needed to be addressed was the open façade on the street side and the closed façade on the garden side.



IHC architects started to make a design that completely changed the original house. Only the original characteristic garden shed was kept untouched. Ultimately, only the construction of the house remained. The new design has created a particularly open living environment, both inside and outside. In addition, a lot of privacy was created at the front of the house. Privacy was created by the use of window frames behind facade cladding.

The rear of the house is equipped with a completely transparent glass facade. Different materials have been used to distinguish the volumes from each other. For example, the white stucco in the main volume provides mass. In addition, minimalist glass window frames have been used to unify the house with the extension. The masonry as a dry run provides protection against the summer sun and offers the low winter sun to enter the main living areas. The wooden cladding was used to connect the different rooms.


Year of construction: 2016
Plot size: - m²
Size house: - m²
Bedrooms: -
Bathrooms: -


Glass facade
Sleek lines
Natural materials